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Experience with teenagers includes:

Being a psychotherapist intern at Beverly Hills High School for an academic year (2015-2016).

Clients, training and supervision in the Adolescent Program at Maple Counseling Center.

Ongoing with clients in private practice as a

Marriage and Family Therapist intern in Beverly Hills.

* * *

I also taught Creative Writing to teenage boys within the juvenile detention system, April-June 2008 via a Spoken Interludes outreach program: 

“Spoken Interludes Next nurtures the stories of youth who otherwise feel forgotten, and contributes to these students’ sense  of hope and relevance.”

Odus Caldwell, Principal of

William Tell Aggeler School for Boys

* * *

Contact: 323-972-2299

663 Lillian Way

(Larchmont area)

                      Los Angeles, CA 90004


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